ATT.Net Email Not Working on iPhone

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The users can easily access their ATT email account using their iPhone when they have Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. The users can effortlessly set up their ATT email account using the Safari browser on the iPhone, and the users also have the option of using the POP/IMAP to set up the account. The process of sending and receiving emails on an iPhone is a very straightforward process. Even when the service provided by ATT email is top class, there are certain malfunctions which the users come across while using this service on the iPhone. If you ever come across the issue where you email is not working on iPhone, then this blog would help you solve this issue at the earliest. Just like any other email service, there are several technical and non-technical issues which the users face while working on ATT email. The users can promptly connect with the customer service executives and avail professional assistance on how to solve this issue

What are the causes of ATT email not working on iPhone

There are several issues which arise when the users try to connect with ATT email on their iPhone. When found in such a situation, it could be because of any of the given reasons. Some of the most common reasons for encountering this issue is mentioned below

  1. When the browser that the user is using on the iPhone is not compatible with your iPhone.
  2. When the user is unable to sign in to ATT email, then there is a possibility that you are entering the incorrect email address or password.
  3. It is also possible that the internet connection is facing malfunction like ATT email not responding or ATT not opening
  4. When the add-ons in your safari browser are denying ATT from loading correctly
  5. When the IMAP/POP setting of ATT is incorrectly set on your iPhone
  6. When the antivirus application on your iPhone is blocking ATT from functioning smoothly
  7. If you are unable to receive email on your iPhone, this could possibly be because your iPhone lacks storage
  8. There are times when the users come across the issue where they are unable to read the ATT emails and the issue where the user is not able to open the attachment. Such problems occur because the device is missing the flash player or other applications which are required for reading the attached files

The process to solve the issue of ATT email not working on iPhone

The users can easily solve the issue of not being able to use ATT email on this iPhone using the below-given steps. The process is profoundly simple and can be undertaken by anyone.

  1. The user would have to choose the ‘Settings’ option, which is available on the home screen of your iOS device.
  2. Now tap on the ‘Mail’ button, followed by the ‘Account.’
  3. Further, you have to select the option of ‘Add Account.’
  4. Now you have to choose the option ‘Yahoo’ from the list of email service providers
  5. You would now have to enter your complete ATT email address and password in the fields provided.
  6. Click on the ‘Next’ button, and select the information which you wish to download to your iPhone.
  7. Finally, you would have to click on the save button.

If you are unable to solve this issue with the help of the instructions given above, then the users can contact ATT Customer Service Number. This service is accessible on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge.