How to Install AOL Desktop Gold

How to install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is all round software which provides a variety of features like emailing, browsing and searching content. This software is common among the users who like to organize everything in one place. With new and enhanced security and automatic updates, it makes the lives of users much convenient than they think. With the interactive user interface and familiar look, this is the favorite desktop site for people across the world. But there are certain times when users face inconvenience and difficulties in downloading this marvelous software and if you are also facing the same issue to Install AOL Desktop Gold, then you must go by the way of troubleshooting the issue

You can access the AOL Desktop Gold as a free as well as paid version too. The trial remains for 30 days. You have to follow the procedure to download and install this software.

Solution: for installing the software

  • Sign into
  • Click Manage my subscriptions
  • Click Manage my subscriptions tab
  • Click on Get started and follow the installation steps.

These guidelines are for those who are using the trial or subscription version

  • Sign in to your AOL account
  • Under ‘all products’ scroll to ‘AOL Desktop Gold’
  • Click on ‘download now’ and follow steps to install

This is the procedure for those who are active paid members of this software. Installation:

  • open the downloads folder
  • double click on ‘install AOL desktop gold’ icon’
  • click run
  • click install now

Note:Do check for any other similar software or older versions, if they exist, it is advised that you should uninstall them for the smooth functioning of this software. By doing so at the time of installation, you will not face any issues or errors later.

If in case, you go through difficulty or took jump to another step, then instead of facing repercussions, try to start the process to download AOL Desktop Gold from the beginning. Nothing can go wrong if you follow the steps in the same order they are given.